Chevy Malibu Starter Problems

Chevy Malibu Starter Problems

It does not sound like this every time though. Starter on chevy malibu 1 answer.

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Car details 2009 chevy malibu lt, 2.4l i4.

Chevy malibu starter problems. My first issue started one morning i went out to start it and all the lights and radio came on but all it did was click i had to jump it. Discussion starter · #1 · 12 mo ago. Chevy malibu ninth generation battery location, remove the cover to gain access to battery.

When i turn the car over to start, i get nothing. It will crank but won't turn over, i can hear the fuel pump come on. A starter is a motor for starting the engine of your malibu.

I have had it back for 2 days and it won't start again. The problem goes further than that though and i believe it all to be related. I have a 2015 malibu lt and lately when i start the car it doesn’t sound right, it sounds rather harsh.

I just need you guys to tell me what that one thing is. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2008 chevrolet malibu based on all problems reported for the 2008 malibu. The auto stop/start feature has not been working lately, only at random times.

Posted by robert turner on nov 19, 2012. Common bad ignition switch symptoms: Engine cranks → won’t start.

To know if your malibu’s starting problems are from dirty battery contacts, you need to investigate them. I have a 2016 chevy malibu with about 84,000 miles. All the guages on the dash and all go off, but there's no crank, no sound, nothing.

If not where is the other located? Two hours later, wouldn't start. Chevy malibu won't start suddenly.

Present malibus all had the electronic starter setup, where just bumping the key to the start position and then releasing was all you have to do, since the car's computer actually controls the cranking. I am trying to eliminate all options before replacing the starte. Chevrolet malibu owners have reported 76 problems related to starter (under the electrical system category).

I just bought this car from the dealership barely 2 months ago. The most noticeable symptom of a bad ignition switch is. Told the starter was bad and it fried the ignition switch.

The average life of a starter motor is about 100,000 to 150,000 miles, and. The most recently reported issues are listed below. They replaced the starter again and the ignition switch.

I have a 2002 chevy malibu that has had no problems, i tstarted up fine today, drove 10 minutes down the road and turned it off went to get back in and it wouldn't start. I was driving down the road and it died on me. There are numerous different problems that can be going on with the starter on the 2014 chevrolet malibu.

Some of the problems could be that the starter is cranking too slowly or that the starter isn't cranking at all. Here are some of the most common symptoms of an ignition switch failing in your malibu: It would not turn over, i check the starter and it wasn't engaging the fly wheel so i change it now it wont turn over.

Though sometimes these might not be problems with the starter it could be that the battery is low or that the battery cables are too corroded. Chevy malibu forum is the best. I have a 2004 chevy malibu.

Chevy starter fitment is not a one size fits all situation. I have a 1976 350 chevy engine out of a k20 4×4 installed in a 1966 chevy k20 4×4, had the starter bolted to the block, took it off because i was having problems installing the motor ( only 2nd motor swap) starter will not fit in bell housing, any ideas? How many solenoids for the starter does a chevy malibu 07 have is there only one on the starter?

There are a lot of issues that can cause your malibu to crank, but not start. 2005 malibu died out and wont start. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of chevrolet malibu based on all problems reported for the malibu. It really can get that one last start out of it. Question = i was driving down the road and it died on me.

I've tried everything on this car, except what's wrong. Also, if you are stuck somewhere and are trying to start your malibu, the old beat the starter with a hammer trick is not a wives tale. Seven problems related to starter have been reported for the 2008 chevrolet malibu.

Should they be looking for some other problem? I have a 2009 chevy malibu that wont start replaced the starter and batt but still nothing wont turn over anything only thing i hear is the relay clicking when i turn the key checked all fuses all were good can somebody please help me. Your ignition “rests” in the ignition position when your malibu is running.

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