Free Air Purifier Rainbow Scam

Free Air Purifier Rainbow Scam

Freshens air through a swirling water bath. The only replacement is the hose with the switch on and that’s pretty.

The Rainbow SRX has a powerful air cleaning capability

The main purpose of the rainmate illuminated is to promote the new rainbow cleaning system, but if you want to buy one, you always can, just fill in the form and we let you know how to get one.

Free air purifier rainbow scam. The rainbow is a 4 figure cleaning system that purifies the air, vacuums furnishings, shampoos carpet and upholstery, mops floors, picks up water, and if taken care of, can easily last 50 years. No obligation to buy a thing!! When someone knocked on your door, do not accept a small air purifier from a person who identify their self from rainbow.

Designers at the rainbow corporation made sure that the device fits effortlessly into any type of interior and will become an integral part of your home. I love how fresh it makes the house smell, the eucalyptus is awesome and they are great for anyone with allergies and absolutely free to qualified customers, they are giving these away for advertising purposes, click on the link below for your chance at getting yours! Rainbow rainmate air purifier specifications:

This rainbow company and kirby are scammers. Covers up to 1200 sq. The autonomous air purifier of rain mate is not only meant to clear and purify the air indoors but also indisputably is a beautiful ornament for the house.

It can easily remove dust and dander, replace it with a fresh scent of your choice. Free fresh air machine, these machines are normally 129.95 and they are giving them away for free. Hey all, just reaching out on this subreddit to see if anyone else encountered this recently.

Saturday night at around 9 pm we had someone knock on our door while we were watching a movie in our home with all the lights out. We purchased our rainbow d4 vacuum cleaner in 1994 and we are still use it now in april 2021. Bc i have all hard wood floors).

It is really neat that it rains on the inside, but i wish that it were an actual purifier. The scheme is the same used in many similar deceiving practices, such as the water purification systems , , or the heater repair service scam. This machine has its own unique set of pros and cons that differentiate it from the standard air purifier.

I just want to see if anyone here has experience. Rainbow agent tells you rainbow is a air purifier but isn't. They sell some air purifier/vacuum thingy.

I was really sketchy and wanted to know all of the details to make sure i was not going to have to come out of pocket for this $3000.00 vacuum (since i did not have a old vac. These can harm our body by many known and unknown ways. Rainmates and even the little car one are amazing and they are totally free!!

Guys we give away free air purifiers to have a look at our big system! The rainbow rainmate is the sole “air purifier” from the brand. (medium sized bedroom) power consumption:

Rainbow rainmate air purifier review. Rainbow rainmate air purifier review. It was free for us though, so i can't complain much!

I had just stepped away from the living room when the knock came. While most people think of them as a vacuum cleaner, it was actually designed to filter air in the home using water so the rainmate is its little brother. Share this with your family and friends and let them know we can help!!

My brother is contemplating taking a salesman job with rainbow. There are various kinds of air purifier available in the market. This rainmate air purifier utilizes water to circulate fresh air gently into your home environment and purify a house like no other.

It was $2990.00, but would only be $2400.00 (if i gave them my old vacuum and signed up the night of my demo). Rainbow air purifiers, rexair, city dynamics are all a part of the same scam they post fraudulent job ads get you to come in and apply using 6 references that re only friends and family, so that they can harass and try and sell to your friends and family, for what you are led to believe is a legit job interview. 9 x 8 x 9 in.

Rainbow air purifier makes that happen by purifying indoor air. A note on the coverage spec: They told him that if he just has 5 appointments and doesn't sell anything, he gets $600 a week.

After plenty of searching, i couldn’t find a consistent specification that says exactly how many square feet this rainbow air purifier.

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