How To Fish A Jerkbait For Walleye

How To Fish A Jerkbait For Walleye


Walleye, zander and other predator fish love this slender minnow jerkbait. Walleye, zander and other predator fish love this slender minnow jerkbait.

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Advanced walleye fishing with jerkbaits.

How to fish a jerkbait for walleye. The best time to target walleye will be early season and in the shallow bays. Diving depth, profile shape, and colour. With these variables in mind, the result will inevitably be more fish to the net.

When walleye are slightly inactive and just resting on the bottom, a jig and live bait may be the best way to catch some walleye. It features a tight wobbling action on a straight retrieve and the long, rounded diving lip makes it dive quickly and true every time. Find a flat with water warmer than surrounding areas, cast your jerkbait with the wind as far as you can and then pull it to running depth.

You can drag them behind a boat on a long line at a constant speed or cast them in close to cover or other natural structures and twitch the rod tip to add extra life. Set the hook on any light taps that feel right. I’ve had some amazing success catching bass with the kevin vandam strike king crankbaits, so i had no choice but to buy some of these jerkbaits.

Shallow suspending jerkbaits like the new salmo rattlin’ sting are the ticket. Ran lure for about 4 hours. The bandit walleye deep is a great jerkbait for exploring deeper waters where the monster walleye gather and other predator fish live.

How to fish a jerkbait [2021 published] jerkbaits are one of the most unique fishing lures on the market today. Walleye anglers target fish using different methods, at different times, in different depths and with so many fishing styles and options available, selecting the right bait can be overwhelming. The bandit walleye deep dives all the way to 27 feet and trolls even deeper than that.

Jerkbait fishing may occasionally be effective all year round depending on the lake. Jerkbait fishing like this for walleye is especially effective during windy days throughout the open water season. They have a distinctive motion that makes them appear to mimic the movement of a wounded or struggling bait fish as it tries to flee from a predator.

One of the new lures on the market in 2019 that really has me excited is the kvd series 300 walleye jerkbait. Many anglers prefer just a jig and a minnow but where is the fun with that, right? When selecting a walleye specific jerkbait or crankbait there are three critical components every angler must consider:

7 walleye lures anglers can depend on all year. You can fish the bait aggressively or take a more finesse approach by just simply slowing it down. There are two main types of jerkbaits:

The deep walleye bandit will troll down to 27 feet and is a great lure for exploring deeper water. Wired2fish contributor and pro angler mark courts explains when and how to use the drop shot finesse technique for walleyes and his preferred tackle and rod setup to fish it with maximum effectiveness. No matter if you’re a boat angler, or shore angler, there’s an opportunity for you in late fall to target big walleye.

A jerkbait is a fishing technique that is designed to resemble small bait fish such as a shad. Springtime walleye can be finicky and there will be days when jerkbaits won’t compete with a minnow fished on a jig or lindy rig. The jackall rerange is my favorite jerkbait for largemouth bass, striped bass, and walleye.

As the nights get longer and colder, baitfish gather into large schools and migrate into shallow water. There are quite a few different jerkbaits on the market that work well to trigger walleye strikes. Jerkbaits are key lure options throughout the entire season cold and warm water periods.

When the walleye are actively feeding on bait fish, a jerkbait is a great choice to put some walleye in the boat. Early morning, late evening and over night are some good times to target walleye with a jerkbait. Drop shotting has been successfully adapted from the bass fishing world to other popular gamefish species such as walleyes and panfish.

Jerkbaits are ultimately about imitating the movement of bait fish that walleye are prone to feeding on or to force a predatory strike. Whether you’re new to fishing for walleye or just brushing up effective tactics, here are seven. Spring jerkbait tips for smallmouth bass and walleye.

Always on the quest to catch fish using new methods, wired2fish's kyle peterson encounters the power of jerkbait fishing walleyes during a bass fishing outing.

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