How To Use Planetary Hours

How To Use Planetary Hours

Planetary hours give us the ability to tune our rituals to planetary force to help it become more specific. When using planetary hours, the hour designation is much more important than the planet of the day.

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In predictive astrology, the persians made use of planetary hours as lord of the orb when interpreting the annual solar return for individuals.

How to use planetary hours. How to use planetary hours William lilly was persistent upon the use of the planetary hours in his practice of astrology. I use planetary hours in several different ways.

To make that calculation easy, there is a great website where you can insert your location and get planetary hours automatically according to the sunrise/sunset of your location. Sunday is named for the sun, of course. The important piece of knowledge that was mostly forgotten in the contemporary practices is that planetary hours can be more or less potent depending on the current condition of the ruling planet, and this course will restore the justice by thoroughly explaining what this means, and how to use this knowledge.

Planetary hours take on the energy of the planet it corresponds with, giving that block of time that planet’s energetic influence. The first is to focus strictly on the hour itself, without regard for the day of the week. In this practice, each day begins at sunrise (not midnight!), and hours are calculated.

Also, to make your activities easier and results even more positive, you can also do them on the hour that the planet rules, as the vibration of that planet is. Practitioners of magick, however, continued to use planetary hours as they had through the ages, both because using them is easy, and because they work! One of the most important uses of the planetary hours is for magic.

If you need to do a ritual which has to be done straight away, you can use the appropriate planetary hour of the day to try and bring about a result. In electional astrology, planetary hours can assist in finding a favorable time to engage in a particular type of activity. They give you more options when you need to get some enchantment done.

However, you don’t have to only do certain activities on a certain day, that’s why we have planetary hours! The best way to use planetary hours is in conjunction with the days of the week. Planetary hours were a development within hellenistic and early roman astrological practice that produced the seemingly unusual order of the days of the week still in use today.

In high magic, both the day and hour are important. These methodologies don’t clash so much as provide different approaches to timing that can be used. The technique of planetary hours was used to calculate the ideal time for planetary ritual work, when the influence of a given.

First, i often refer to the hygromanteia hours. If you have any knowledge of astrology, you can probably make some intelligent guesses about how to use the planetary. How to use this page.

The planetary hours use the chaldean order to divide time. So the way to use this information about planetary days and hours is this. Herbalists use planetary hours and days to strengthen the influence of the herbs they grow.

In horary astrology, we pay special attention to the planetary hour of the. The second is to incorporate the energy of the day of the week into the planetary hour. Using the planetary hours in magick.

If you are not familiar with the planets' symbols, click on a symbol, and a dialog with the planet's name plus some keywords for it will open. It’s been a few months since i started paying attention to the planetary hours. For example, a marigold is ruled by the sun, so it is ideal to pick marigolds used for medicinal purposes on the day and hour of the sun to strengthen its solar healing properties.

There are two ways to use planetary hours. Here is an article on the use of the planetary hours in astrological magic by the famous renaisance philosopher marsilio ficino. Planetary hours are a system based on a chaldean principle that the first hour of a day belongs to the god/planet that the day is named for, and that following hours are designated in a fixed sequence.

Planetary hours and the planetary week. Each planetary hour of the planetary day is ruled by a different planet. As with the lunar days, these are listed in the hygromanteia grimoire.

The planet of the hour is the primary correspondence, and the planet of the day is a lesser, secondary influence. But let's be honest — there's an app for that, and it's way easier to use. The planetary hours change day by day in a repeating structure that can be calculated if you know the time of sunrise and sunset in your location.

They can be helpful in emergencies too. You should do the activities ruled or positively influenced by a particular planet on the day of that planet. Planetary hours can be significant, but for best results we need to add them with other factors as part of a full chart prediction or election.

The planet that rules the first hour of the day is also the ruler of the whole day and gives the day its name.

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