Prius Not Starting On First Try

Prius Not Starting On First Try

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The permeability of the filter. Measure out the 3.75 qts or whatever your spec is (that spec is 2nd gen prius and i believe 1st also) and put that in.

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Yes, i'm pretty mechanically inclined.

Prius not starting on first try. The toyota prius is designed not to start until the driver presses their foot firmly on the brake. The dealer didn't try to convince me that the computer was bad, probably because i shocked them with how much i knew about the battery in the prius. We pushed it back home and started tinkering when we noticed that the 12v battery was low.

However, before calling the tow truck, try the methods we’ve outlined below in order to restart your prius after it has stalled. This is a safety feature intended to ensure the car can’t lurch forward or backward when the electrical engine comes on. Not every single prius will stall, but if you have a 2004 model, it may be a common occurrence.

Tighten connections and most important, follow the ground to the body connect screw/bolt. Start the car, let the ice run and check for leaks. All, i came back from a vacation of 10 days and tried to start my 2007 prius and it was not starting when i had the key in my pocket (as it used to.

However, when the power source control ecu is removed and then reinstalled, the power. How long have you had problems starting the vehicle? Call aaa, they will charge the battery (about 30 minutes to charge.

If so, press the power switch again. Lift up the hatch and check the auxiliary battery in the rear of the car. My wife was driving our 2005 prius and about 200yds from the driveway it just stopped running.

The engine failed to start as a result of a dead battery. Press power button once with brake pressed usually fires the car right up. You can remedy this by simply making sure the key fob is near you.

I have a 2014 prius this is the first time it has not started. With foot firmly on the break the power button is amber and only the auxiliary light are on. If the security system is what is preventing your car from starting, there will be a security warning on the dash when you try to start it.

Brake pumps are working, 12 volt battery is 6 months old and has voltage. No corrosion <b>mechanic's assistant:</b> what year is your prius? The car would not power up all the way.

But the car is not on. Just today for the first time. If it shows below the top.

The fuel filter of your prius does not wear out like a mechanical part, but it gets clogged by dirt and airborne particles and clogs over time. You can check the state of charge of the high voltage. 08 having problems starting first try?

The contact attempted to start the ignition. Place your right foot firmly on the brake before attempting to start the car. While there are a variety of reasons your toyota prius won't start, the most common 3 are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter.

Anyway, i tried jump starting my car after i posted and it does appear now that the 12 v battery is dead. Do any lights still turn on? You can try starting your prius with its second key.

Power switch may not start the system on the first try. And the engine does not start! The battery had been replaced twice.

It will also rule out any other problem with the first key, for example, water damage. The prius is notorious for having a poor battery ground.symptoms as losing time on the clock, low battery recharge, not starting etc. I was going to rebuild the battery myself but currently don't have the time so i purchased.

Your prius is built with your protection in mind, so extra security is embedded to prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle. Press your foot on the brake. Now the first press only turns the screen on, second press gets the hybrid battery going and the dash lights on (photo link below).

This started happening about a month ago. Hello everyone this is my first post here and am grateful for any help i may receive. The failure occurred on two separate occasions, and approximately two weeks after the first occurrence.

If you’re unable to get it started again, then you may need to have it towed. The problem is probably not the 12 volt battery because the prius uses the high volt battery to start the gasoline engine. 2007 <b>mechanic's assistant:</b> are you fixing your prius yourself?

What have you tried so far? I check the aux battery and it's at.

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