Service Battery Charging System Chevy Malibu

Service Battery Charging System Chevy Malibu

The service battery charging system light is on but the voltage gauge is reading over 14 volts so i am thinking it is the battery and not the charging system. 2002 chevy malibu 3.5l service engine and electrical problems;

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This could keep your vehicle from starting next time.

Service battery charging system chevy malibu. Take your vehicle to your mechanic and have them test your battery strength. The mileage is around 134,000. I have replaced the alternator and battery and the alt does not charge battery.

Discussion starter · #1 · sep 21, 2019. Something is causing your battery not to charge properly. Bad belt driving the alternator.

I made a beeline home (5 minute drive, thankfully) and plugged it into a 2a trickle charger (it even has an agm mode). I bought an used 2012 chevrolet traverse about 6 months ago. November 1, 2013 date added to file:

#7 · aug 21, 2019. About a month ago a service light came on stating: The alternator, surpentine belt, idler pulley.

1999 chevy malibu will not crank at times; I started the car and the mil was on as well as the red 12v battery icon. 1) maintain battery charge above minimum levels, 2) lower fuel consumption when electrical generation isn’t really needed, 3) get the longest life out of the battery to reduce unnecessary replacement.

Appears all grounds are good also, no sloppiness and are all tight. Hello there, depending on how much over the 14 volt mark your gauge is reading, you may have a voltage regulator that could. When at a idol the battery voltage has 14.6 but as soon as you give it the gas the voltage will start dropping down to 12 volts and below.

2006 chevy impala service battery charging system The battery saver is usually activated when an alternator goes bad, but there can be other causes as well. Now as i am driving the vehicle down the interstate going 70 to 75 the cars computer conveniently shuts down my power steering and my abs breaks.

Why is this … read more Here are some possible causes for when the charging system light comes on. My car has 50000 miles.

Abs and battery light comes on and car dies. 1999 chevy malibu wont turn over after repairs; I replaced the alternator but the system still charging only 13.2 volts.

The battery saver increases the driving range of your malibu when the system is not properly charging. Your 2018 chevy malibu battery will typically last between 3 to 5 years, but that can vary heavily depending on battery size, type of battery, weather conditions and driving habits. I just bought a 2014 chevy cruze with 30,000 miles.

I have a 2015 chevy malibu with a weak charging system, battery tested good but alternator putting out 12.5 volts. Hello, service charging system , means you have an issue with your battery, your alternator, or. Have it checked as soon as possible.

Yeah i have a 2015 chevy malibu that just hit 13,000 miles and first the battery saver light came on then service the charging system in the car pops up. Then the vehicle went into battery saving mode.i went to an an auto parts store and they tested the battery and the. Something placing a drain on the electrical system (large or small) book an appointment.

I keep having the service battery charging system light come on. Is there a fusible link hidden somewhere? Discuss it at forum view this tsb.

How does the keyless entry system work? Connection to battery is good. The dic was displaying service charging system.

2003 trailblazer service charging system warning; All other fuses are good. My car has an automatic transmission.

I have a 2015 chevy malibu with a weak charging system, battery tested good but alternator putting out 12.5 volts. The service charging system message. The battery keeps dying out on my 2013 chevy malibu, we charge it and the voltage starts to decrease, the air starts to shut off the, the wheel gets really hard and then the cars dies out.

Car makers want a charging system to do three things: It is a 99 malibu with a 2.4l engine with 45000. The message service battery pops up and the message service stabilitrack.

If this feature is on, assume that your vehicle will stop running and get it fixed immediately. Some vehicles may experience malfunction indicator lamp (mil) on, or service charging system message displayed, or charging system light on.

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