Service Battery Charging System Chevy Silverado

Service Battery Charging System Chevy Silverado

1) maintain battery charge above minimum levels, 2) lower fuel consumption when electrical generation isn’t really needed, 3) get the longest life out of the battery to reduce unnecessary replacement. Service battery charging system message is on.

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The mileage is around 134,000.

Service battery charging system chevy silverado. While battery light is on the message center states service battery charging system. Something is causing your battery not to charge properly. Second opinion] 2007 silverado classic regular cab 4.8l automatic.

It does this repeatedly, but not with any set intervals. I have a 2007 silverado. Another odd thing is that my lights flicker when they are own and the truck is idleing.

Had them replace the battery and no problems now. The warning went away, but just came back the. The gm mechanic will know what to do.

Same thing happened to me several weeks ago. Hello, service charging system , means you have an issue with your battery, your alternator, or. The truck is a 2011 silverado 2500hd, it does not have the plow package but it does have dual alternators factory.

This comes and goes but i have not noticed any performance lose. Bad belt driving the alternator. 2012 service battery charging system message 6 answers.

About 8 months ago i upgraded the battery from the stock gm one to a bluestar 770cca battery. I got the battery replace, however i am still getting the same message. This could keep your vehicle from starting next time.

Stays on a few seconds to a minute or 2 and goes off. Here are some possible causes for when the charging system light comes on. Late production 2007 silverado 1500 with 5.3 engine.

So i want to make sure it's going to make it. I am getting the service battery charging system on my dash for my diesel truck. I own a 2007 silverado and i have been getting the message service battery charging system along with the red battery display.

About a month ago a service light came on stating: Tell me a bit more about what's going on so he can help you best. The service charging system message.

I thought it was the battery, so i took it to autzone, were they told me it was no longer a good battery. Replaced alternator with a gm unit along with new delco battery. I recently had my engine rebuilt and i am now getting the message service the battery charging system.

I am still getting a service charging system display. A few weeks ago my battery light started coming on intermittently while driving. When to a local tire shop where i buy tires, they check the system said everything was good.

I may have drained my batteries all the way down the other day, but i would assume the alternator would charge them back up when jump started. Service charging system message displayed and battery light on. I took the battery in for testing, battery bad.

I accidentally ran the battery real low on my 2011 silverado a while back when i was working on the truck, when i restarted it i got the same message on the dash. A friend thats a tech for gm told me as long as the battery charged back up with no bad cells it wasnt a problem. When i take it to an auto store they hook it up and say everything looks fine with the battery.

Have it checked as soon as possible. The system alerts when one or more. Something placing a drain on the electrical system (large or small) book an appointment.

Car makers want a charging system to do three things: Doesn’t this shorten the life of the battery. Lots of things can cause problems with the battery.

Message just came on today. I know this is a new system but how is it ok to run the truck on 12.5 then charge only when needed. Took it to my local chevy dealer, they check and said the battery was on the border of being bad.

Then the vehicle went into battery saving mode.i went to an an auto parts store and they tested the battery and the. I'm a little worried because i'm going to be taking the truck from west michigan to mid virginia. My tahoe only goes on short 20 min trips to and from work, so i am assuming its not getting a long enough run to charge up the battery.

Still recieved the code and volt meter indication and not at night the headlights pulse. I have a 2009 ltz and i was getting this warning once in a while. I bought an used 2012 chevrolet traverse about 6 months ago.

Turn it on and the light is still on, the charging system went to about 15 16v. #7 · sep 24, 2014. I have a 2012 chevy tahoe for the past couple of days i have to have someone jump me off.

Just bought a 2018 2500 silverado noticed voltage gauge is down at 12.5 while driving and will just sit there until i turn on headlights. It does not, the voltage starts to drain down to 9 and everything eventually starts to fail e.g., radio, etc.

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